Pipeline Systems

Boardwalk Louisiana Midstream, LLC owns and operates ethylene, ethane, propane and propylene pipeline and distribution systems throughout southern Louisiana. These assets primarily serve ethylene producers and consumers along the Mississippi River Corridor and in the Sulphur area by providing dynamic and reliable infrastructure that is well positioned to accommodate the needs of both existing and prospective customers.

  • Choctaw Hub Ethylene Distribution System: Our extensive ethylene distribution network is a common carrier pipeline system situated along the Mississippi River Corridor. Consisting of more than 120 miles of pipeline, the Choctaw ethylene distribution system serves chemical complexes throughout southeastern Louisiana, providing connectivity to 18 producers and consumers of ethylene, the most of any system in Louisiana. In addition, through interconnections with Boardwalk Petrochemical’s (BPP) Evangeline Pipeline and other third-party pipelines, the system links ethylene producers in Texas and the Lake Charles area to the Mississippi River Corridor.
  • Sulphur Ethylene Distribution System: We also own an ethylene pipeline near Lake Charles, Louisiana, which connects the company's Sulphur Hub to local ethylene producers and consumers. We built additional ethylene pipeline infrastructure at Sulphur in order to support industry expansion in the area, as well as to tie the Sulphur ethylene distribution system to BPP’s Evangeline Pipeline.