Public Participation


On an ongoing basis, Texas Gas will utilize its hotline, website, direct mailings, and print media to inform the public of the project and publicize methods by which the public can receive more information or ask questions.


Texas Gas’ outreach effort is a multi-faceted effort designed to include its core values of safety, integrity, innovation, teamwork, accountability and performance.  Its goals are to:


  1. Create an atmosphere of openness and disclosure of public information through which Texas Gas can respond to questions, address concerns, and act on suggestions presented by landowners and other stakeholders;

  2. Generate an awareness of the project, its purposes and its value to the regional economy and to meeting the energy needs of the region and the United States. Communicate the vital role Texas Gas plays in providing much of the natural gas consumed in the project area.


  3. Ensure the community, landowners and other stakeholders have ample opportunity to gain project information, while maintaining up to date materials and timelines about the project.


  4. Provide new and innovative ways to inform and engage stakeholders, including emergency responders, state and local government officials, non-governmental organizations, news media, and members of the public living in the vicinity of pipelines.