The Northern Supply Access Project will consist of the construction of a new compressor station in Hamilton County, Ohio; installation of gas cooling facilities at an existing compressor station in Dearborn County, Indiana; installation of a new gas turbine compressor and classification of certain reciprocating compressors as operational spares at an existing compressor station in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana; and modification of yard and station piping at seven existing compressor stations located in Lawrence County, Indiana, Jefferson County, Kentucky, Breckinridge County, Kentucky, Webster County, Kentucky, Tipton County, Tennessee, Coahoma County, Mississippi, and Morehouse Parish, Louisiana. The Project will allow Texas Gas to flow proposed quantities of natural gas north to south, while retaining the existing capability to flow natural gas south to north.


project status


Construction on the facilities with firm transportation agreements began in May 2016 and were placed in service in March 2017.  In April 2017, Texas Gas filed a request for an extension of time to complete the re-marketing and construction of the facilities necessary for the remaining 100 MMBtu per day of uncontracted capacity.  FERC granted the extension of time for one year, until and including March 24, 2019 to complete construction of the authorized facilities and make them available for service.  Texas Gas has been actively engaged with customers to remarket the 100 MMbtu of uncontracted capacity.  On February 15, 2019, Texas Gas filed a request for a two year extension of time to make the facilities available for service by March 24, 2021. 






There is 100 MM/day of capacity remaining under this project. 




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 NSA Overview Map